1. vintagegal:

    Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller photographed by Sam Shaw, 1957

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    No Country for Old Men
    Ethan CoenJoel Coen. 2007

    2261-2607 CanAm Hwy, Las Vegas, NM 87701, United States

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  4. oranbeg:

    Interleaves by  Matthew Liefheit, Charlie Rubin, & Bryan Formhals

    The final release of Interleaves will be before the end of the year

    Here is a preview of who is to come  Kai McBride, Kim Hoeckele, Ryan Arthurs, Nicole Reber, Caitie Moore, Jesse Untracht-Oakner, Peter Hoffman, Doug DuBois and many more.

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    The American Dream, Ryan Schude

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  10. noiseman:

    Apollo and Daphne by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1622–25.

    “‘Destroy the beauty that has injured me, or change the body that destroys my life.’ Before her prayer was ended, torpor seized on all her body, and a thin bark closed around her gentle bosom, and her hair became as moving leaves; her arms were changed to waving branches, and her active feet as clinging roots were fastened to the ground—her face was hidden with encircling leaves.”